Jan 18, 2009

drinking perrier, listening to & ampersand

i won't quite know how to finish this...
but that still doesn't stop me from starting.

she needs to find an everlasting love.
be it man, deity, or poetry.
she needs to wake to find...every single breath is something to worship.
how hard this life already is, to make it harder on yourself?!
that. is blashpemy.
to break your own heart?!
to make yourself miserable for nothing's sake?!
i've had it up to my ears with my own self-pity.

i won't wallow in another's.

Jan 10, 2009


i'm not sure what's going to happen tomorrow.

and i'm not sure that i've still got poetry running through my veins.
something happened to me that makes those sloppy adjectives and strung out metaphors seem like a thing of days gone past.
like i haven't got it in me anymore.
and the fact that i don't want to squeeze the words out...
makes me realize that maybe i never needed them in the first place.

perhaps poetry was something of a crutch for me?