Nov 11, 2009


There was something about his eyes.
They way they stared so deep into me I felt as though I were drowning on the nature of his ocean.
He re-wrote my symphony and made it his own.
Messed with the measures, tinkered with the beats.
My god, how my heart paused!
He’s the unsung hero of all my hopes and dreams.
Taking me to those backwards places in my slumber.
He’s the fool that keeps on coming.
I shudder to think.
That he’s leaving soon.
That, I too, must do the unthinkable.
And stay.
But this is all I’ve ever wanted, and he…was just the icing on the cake.
I shall savor every moment with, every moment without.

Absent mindedly, I brush off the words “I love you, forest princess”.
Truly, my heart believes that I won’t speak those words…
Because this soon means, that I feel it more than I can let on with speaking.

But what do I know?
I’m sick with buttered bread and fever dreams.
And he thinks the world of me.

I know what he wants to be when he grows up. And it sure doesn’t look good on paper.
But no one will ever love him like I will.

Nov 8, 2009


The world has echoed a silent prayer for me.
It entrusts in me, it's beauty, it's splendor.
I have been a slave to man's lie flavored flesh.
Here, I know his secrets.
Here, I can sense the lies between his thighs.
The only one who knew.
The only one who knows.
I am the silent partner who wishes to not be named.
I am the tragedy with the shapeless face.
I will be the rendering of all you've ever found whole and real inside yourself.
And I will not ask you to spend more than I am worth.

Nov 7, 2009


This is the only act of forgiveness I will grant you.

The way to my heart is paved in Demerol and shot gun shells.
I am forever going to remind myself of your tears.
You shall no longer be my sense of abandonment.
Wrapped in a blanket that I created.
That I fashioned.
That still to this day keeps you warm.

It's seems you've found your place.
But this is what isolation feels like when those around you scorn your presence and idolize the kid with the full chamber.

An arsenal of words that he knows how to use.
How to let them seep in, sink down, and touch me from the inside out.

He bears no baggage and sleeps under a halo of stars from the West.

Except he's not fighting his gut feelings anymore.
He won't wear out his welcome, and will never lie as I have.

It's not about how fast you are.
It's if they "get" your ride.

For Noel.

A lingering stare that didn't hurt anybody.
A gasp and a sigh as I found out you were departing.
The thump of my heart goes with you on your journey.
May it be the soundtrack to a beautiful new day.
Your words will echo in my ears of true beauty and nakedness of the only kind.
More often than not, I'll be thinking of you.
And the wake of poetry you're spreading across this country.
Your words, your heart, your beauty.
No matter how hard you try.
There are some things.
You'll leave behind.