Aug 8, 2006

Drunk In Public

Every Wednesday
And occasional Tuesday night
Same old story
Different pint

Too many Valium that I thought would make my woes dissipate

Once a month...Bloody Mary...lin?

Too many glasses of cheap wine to make me less tense

I grew up in a cornfield...but not on Boone's Farm

Too many beers because I badly to forget...that you forget me

Jose, Jack, and Jim would have called

Too many beers because I'd rather not drink at home

God forbid my roommates see...I'm just as drunk as them...upset about love that's given up

Let's take a roadtrip to Newcastle

Too many shots of things I've never tasted
Why not?
That's the quickest way to get wasted

Let's go to Long Island and get and iced tea

Too much to drink because you never called and I had nothing better to do than sit in a bar

I placed 5th in a poetry slam and all i got was Pabst Blue Ribbon

Gulp it faster...maybe then, he'll call

I even wore my pretty underwear so you could watch my Heine

Another drink because he kisses you softer and more sweet than anyone
But he's not kissing you tonight

Let's go to Venice Beach and ride the waves with a Surfer on Acid

Another sip because you're ashamed of yourself
For waiting by a phone you know will not be ringing

Let's go to Cheers, and get our nipples buttered?

Another drink because even if he calls, you won't know what the fuck to say

Let's get the tools and make another screwdriver

Another drink because you'll sleep alone again and malt liquor keeps you warm at night

Let's take one more drink because you don't have the balls to call and say


Instead you drink
Until you sleep
And then you wake
No missed calls
And a fucking headache

Who wants to see a Tequila Sunrise anyway?

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