Mar 24, 2008

empty rooms.

she’s disenchanted.

they’ve discontinued her model.

and she keeps falling for the same men.

people tell her that she is sad because she runs away from the depth in herself every time a new part is discovered and that she thinks all that she is or ever will be is what’s been done to her.(junkie<3)

she believes that nature is the only place that’s never really lied to her.

she sees the face of her mother in the mirror and can’t help but feel like a warrior separated from its tribe.

she wants to meet a man who doesn’t remind her of her father.

she is like a bug, and one day, someone will set her free instead of stomping her down.

they haven’t got her figured out just yet.

she was born strong.

but she always loses at mercy.

she wants forgiveness.

like a song without any words, you’ve already made your mind up about her.

but close your eyes and take another listen.

she will always be resting, closed eyes, mouth agape, whispering..."you’re on your own now"...

hot breath feeding warm lies to the dissatisfied...

you can’t feed on what’s already empty...

but she is still...trying so fill up again.

she tries to remain a mystery, but wants everyone to know her inside and out...

she’s become disloyal to herself.

she wants him to handle her like a serpent.

to finally feel a path in the dark.

steady, but always on the verge of losing her balance.

ground her.

someone let her lean.

she’s falling.

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