Sep 9, 2008

teeth marks.

she has truly seen it all.
the earth speaks to her in whispers like trances.
gargling words like the oceans on the moon.
she is determined to make it out of here alive.
but the life she leads is playing out like a bad opera.
she just wants to be heard.
th only things separating us from the animals...are the teeth marks.
and the sad songs.
and we can't understand the sad songs if we have never been in love.
your smile will fit better once you've had your heart broken.
and i'll scatter the remnants of my heart like breadcrumbs.
but i'll have trouble finding my way back.
celestial cherub donning black leather.
snakeskin boots.
riding the bull like a lover.
you are gonna hurt!
finding the one and realizing you are one of many.
it's trial and error.
learn from your own mistakes.
spending the only currency my heart can produce on things that mean absolutely nothing.
everyone can spare love like loose change, but few can spend any on themselves.
i'm tired of loving myself enough for both of us, but just enough to feel left out.
i'm braving it all, and i'm at the front of the crowd.

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