Oct 26, 2008


i'm fixated on just what it is that makes a man tick.
why fragility...such as human spirit...and the wind...
are not enough to make sense of it.
why we are all so selfish at the worst times to the best people.
why there is no remorse.
no apologies.
no hugs to those we hurt.
why we feel the need to "get back" at eachother.
why we can't leave well enough alone and get on with it.
with life.
with starting over.
i've had my share of instances where i was willing to sacrifice the only thing i had, just to please someone.
and i've been disconnected, and retracted, and subjected, and affected, and i can't quite figure out how to get those terrible things that were said and done out of my head.
protect yourself.
proJECT yourself.
speak free verse but do it with a smile.
flail your hands around, reach for the sky, caress those breasts, and do it with emphasis, kid!
because your voice is too quiet.
make it so that god could hear you if he was ever listening.
make it so that that man that hurt you, can feel it through to his core.
make it so that one day, they'll all remember your name.
who cares about your face.
or your words.
or what you had to say.
but...you have to say it.
you have to.

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