Mar 4, 2010

broken record.

you layed that record down.
and i'd follow suit.

"let's get you out of those clothes"

pulling cloth away like corn husks.
seeking to use every inch of me.
especially the noise inside.

goosebumps turn skin into braille.
here are my directions.
follow them carefully.
follow them recklessly.
don't follow them at all.

spare no word, no letter, no inch of this pockmarked flesh.
just collide with me.
creep all over me.

that record never skipped.
like my heart.
like you moved.
and i never once missed a measure.

a grind.
a stroke.

i made the rhythm.
i made it beat.

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  1. this is pretty good, but i like the one about being eaten by a frenchman better. I decided to try to set a blog up, but it was really hard. check it out.