Apr 28, 2008

hard act to follow

here we are.
capture this moment.
because this is the only time you've ever really felt alive.l

et's play dead.
and pretend the whole world stands still.
at least for now.

let's be brutally honest with each other.
because lies are the only way down.

let's fight our wars without words or fists.
but with the entanglement of hearts.

let's begin what we always said we'd start.
and let's make it work this time.

we're working harder than we're used to.
because the payout's never been so important.
it's life, it's love.

and i'll stand back and take a long look at the things that we've created.
and i can say to myself.
i hope that we're not done quite yet.

because building it's half the battle.

keeping it upright is going to make our heads spin.

running certain scenarios over and over in my head like a rod and gear.
this is where i lay my head at night, and it's pretty much all i need.

it's barren. it's empty. it's not much for cover.
but it's all i can call home.
at least for now.

i'm praying to gods i'm not sure exist.
that you'll keep me.
that i'm it.

that this city can contain me for a little bit longer.
that i'll still come out shiny, and strong.

that i won't trample over myself like a wilted flower.

that i will be who i've always said i've been.

and i'll accept my newfound place.
with pride.

and i'll wear love like a badge of honor and courage.

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