Dec 20, 2008

because i'm fond of them

open letter.
one chance. one chance is all i'd need to prove myself.
i'd be the woman standing on the mountain top, giving every last breath she has, to praise your existence
i'd be the sum of all the broken dreams you ever had and never intended to keep holding onto
i'd be as delectable as your favorite beer, and maybe you'd keep a little bit of the foam on your lip to lick off later
i'd be a cheap date
and i'd hold the door open for you and would thank you if you did the same for me
i'd find ways to make doors open for you
you and i, we'd do big things
and we'd make little things...that would grow into the concrete face of our love
all at once, we'd both be strong enough to carry the armor the other provides
but we will let it slide off easily for each other
i'll mend your broken bones with splints made from the rusted roots of my being
i'll give you terrible haircuts
i'll make those bad dreams go away by bending my fingers intwined like dream cathers and you will sleep and dream of love
i won't argue politics, unless provoked
and i'll root for your favorite teams
i'll never surrender so that your victories will be more fruitful
respect. i'll deem you in the highest regard
i'll spend my own money
some on you
more on us
like time
like moments
like writing you letters
and you'll have always loved my words

even though i can't promise you the world...i can give it what i've got

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