Dec 6, 2008

small things

i wish for small things.
like the drill bit not to break.
for men to be as soft as the soil is here.
for cousins to smile.
i wish for small things like the equation between you and i finally being solved.
i wish for the spirituality in me to be found.
i wish for the pictures to never turn out better than what they're being taken of.
i wish men were as strong as these redwoods.
i wish for small things like christmas coffee mugs filled with tea.
for someone to remember me.
for the captain's chair.
for my body to be covered in my history.
for the future to come as slow as it wants.
i wish for small things like tiny fish on the end of my pole.
for my creativity to be rewarded even halfheartedly.
for criticism that means something.
for greasy pliers and softer sandpaper.
i wish for small things like the roosters giving up.
like my mother's ashes making it here safely.
like my brother knowing how much he's loved.
like my dad dying peacefully in his sleep.
i wish for small things like small victories and small treasures.
like smiles.
like handshakes.
like gestures.
small things.

like small things that are much greater than they sound.

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