May 21, 2008

Harsh Times

suck the teet of mother earth
and feel what her wrath feels like
when she's gone bone dry

i'll eat a thousand different animals this year
and i can taste every single one of their squeals

like the screaming of babies
when their fathers ignore them

but daddy is so in touch with mother nature
and he knows how to burn down forests
with the sparks that pour from his ignorant mouth

until he sleeps eternal
he will never know the damage he's caused
and even then
he'll never know
or care quite like he should

it's a lost cause when mother nature is trying to burn us alive
and all i can think of is the memory of a colder climate
when the sun didn't burn like heartache on my arms

daddy's comfortable there
up in those hills
he doesn't need reactions
he doesn't need anything
including me

because he's got all he needs
mother nature

and himself

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