Aug 21, 2008

great gifts

great gifts.
the teachers who've taught me...that, in order to really hear people, you've got to be silent...are finally speaking to me again.
making my lust for enlightenment and creativity much more intense.
i am not the little engine that could...i'm the caboose.
trailing the end, but still part of the bigger picture, nonetheless.
perhaps when the train de-rails...i'll be the only one strong enough to stay on track...
i feel like i've finally grown into my skin...and for once...i like the way it fits.
it fits like i could one day be the ruler of my own world.
it fits like my mother told me it one day would.
it fits like love is filling each nook and cranny...keeping me warm.
it fits like i won't hurt anymore, because i am my own cushion.
it fits like two people should fit together.
it fits like promises that are kept.
it fits like dangers that i am brave enough to face.
it fits like never having to pretend you're perfect.
it fits like inspiration.
it fits like the weather outside is finally good enough.
it fits like a man's smile should fit in my soul.
it fits like the missing piece to my puzzle.
it fits like my daddy's cowboy boots.
it fits like the sun down into the horizon.
it fits like truth.
it fits like it should.
it fits like i'm finally realizing what it's going to take to be at peace with myself.

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